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It is the process, testing and craftsmanship of the 360 Forged brand of wheel that makes it a cut above all other manufacturers of wheels. Coupled with an excellent support service, 360 are a reliable choice in wheel manufacturers for the vehicle aftermarket.

The testing process that the wheels from Forged are exposed to be a rigorous one, ensuring that the wheels will withstand any circumstance the driver may impose on them. Load testing involves putting the wheels under heavy stresses, to make sure that the wheels can turn safely and can drive in any direction whilst carrying a heavy load. Corrosion testing includes a nonstop 1000 hour exposure to salt water to ensure that they are as protected as possible against corrosion from salt. Salt is one of the main causes of rust and corrosion to metals, and whilst wheels can never be 100% corrosion-free, Forged ensure that their wheels are as protected as possible. Extreme temperature testing attempts to mimic the changing temperatures that wheels can be exposed to, for example when racing. When accelerating quickly and driving at high speeds, it is common for wheels to warm up very quickly, and be exposed to high temperatures as a result of friction. By testing this, Forged can ensure that there are no weak points on their wheels that could be a problem in extreme temperature conditions.

Before an order of wheels has been placed with 360 Forged, a telephone customer support line is available for the customer to discuss any enquiries with. The experienced staff is on hand to help with any questions that their customers may have. This telephone support is offered continuously throughout the order process too.

If you need a replacement or restoration of any wheels bought from Forged, you are able to visit a Forged dealership and they will be able to help you to arrange for this work to be done. Such things as the replacement of individual parts, refinishing the surfaces if they become scratched, changing colors, rebalancing or anything else you might need can be carried out. It is not only the Forged brand that you can have this work done for, but they should be able to help with other brands too.

Warranty offered on the Forged wheels includes lifetime on the structure of the wheels, as well as a 1 year warranty on the finish, in case something goes wrong in the first 12 months. This is relatively unheard of in the wheel industry and is very attractive to buyers. Wear and tear in general and damage caused by driving is not covered by the warranty, however anything that could be related to a part of the manufacturing process is covered. 360 Forged promises to solve the problem as quickly as possible if something does go wrong.

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