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Looking for wheels which are unique and high performers? Dcenti is the name. This wheel brand brings you the latest wheel in town with its Decenti 903 chrome wheel rims dub with tires that displays 8x165 mm bolt pattern with 13 mm offset. This design has a huge lip to fit the 2003 to 2010 model. Decenti does not stop with 903 as it offers other models to choose from. They have the DW 909 chrome wheel with 275/45-20, 255/35-20, and 275/55-20 tire size. Additional tire sizes are available if you request. You do not need to worry for the mounting since the dealers may offer if for free. Other types of designs available are the DW 19A and 19B, with sizes that starts from 18x8.5, 20x8.5, 20x 8.5, 22x 9, 24x9.5, and 26x10 all chromed rims. Other chromed rims include the DW9, DW901, DW902 models with their own sizes too. If you want to go with black machined face rim, DW905, 906, 908, 909, are the choices. DW915 is another model which gives you a different experience with its two color designs having black rim with machine lip rim and the chromed rim with black insert. Dcenti wheel styles are made of 3 spokes, 5, 6, 7, 8 spokes. Full faced rims are also available for those who wanted their wheels to look different.

Decenti wheels are affordable with a price which is worth a little less two hundred dollars. It is very easy to purchase as they have many dealers online. They also have their own website as an alternative way to order your wheels from them. You just tell them your specification of your wheel and they are more than glad to help you.

Decenti wheels are very easy to maintain. You just wash the chrome plate wheels frequently with mild soap and water but make sure to clean it when the wheels are cool to avoid accidental burns when water is splashed. The more the wheels should be cleansed in a weekly basis during winter season and chrome wheels should be sealed with chrome sealant. When washing, proper attention should be given to backside of the chromed wheels. This is very essential because chromed wheels are susceptible to pitting. Most often, warranties offered by manufacturers will cover only the wheel face but does not include the entire wheel. Problems like this concerning the manufacturer would be avoided with proper maintenance.

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