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Estrella is one of the many brands of stylish wheels from Rennen International, a New York based wheels manufacturing business. These wheels are forged varieties. They are forged as per the specifications defined by the customers. Choice of diameters in Estrella wheels starts from 18 inches. Other options available include 19 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches. The customer can specify the width of these wheels, their lip sizes, and their rims. Such specifications vary from one vehicle to another. Therefore, it is important to specify the vehicle’s brand name, and model number. Even the year in which such vehicle was manufactured is important because periodically, vehicle manufacturers tend to change the appearance of the vehicle. Consequently, there may be some changes implemented in the size of the vehicle’s wheels as well.

Since Estrella wheels are manufactured as desired by the customer, such wheels cannot be used in other vehicles. This is the reason, the company does not entertain any return of wheels.

Rennen International offers this brand of wheels for all types of vehicles whether it is an SUV, or a truck. Estrella wheels are available for cars as well. Services of German designers are availed to design these wheels. Estrella wheels are recognized for their beauty as well as their strength. All wheels are connected to the vehicle’s internal machinery, which eventually reaches the controls that the driver uses. The driver is able to turn the wheel towards the right or left, as desired because of such connections. Tires in any automobile are lodged on the vehicle’s wheels. It moves in the direction where the wheel moves. Therefore, wheels are important parts of the vehicle. But wheels serve another function as well. These can be used to make the vehicle look attractive. Designers use different types of designs, mostly spokes, to achieve the desired effect. Other options available to wheel designers are chrome plating, powder coating, machining, etc.

In general, Estrella wheels are chrome plated, but there are other varieties of Estrella wheels as well. These come with black gloss or black matte finish. The company identifies Estrella wheels with different names. Mira, Crux, and Hydra are some of these names. Such Estrella wheels may be bought for approximately $340 or $250, depending upon the model that is selected. Estrella wheels are available for higher end automobiles as well. Prices of such wheels may be near about $500.

The alloy that is used to make Estrella wheels is known for its strength. It undergoes more than one process to reach that level of strength.

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